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Flagstaff was an unexpected joy.  

Heavy snow in Flagstaff, Arizona

San Francisco street outside the Monte Cristo hotel.  Road crews did a great job of keeping the roads clear.  We did not have to stop our travels or alter our plans at all.  Kudos!





flagstaff arizona in the snow

Free parking at the Monte Cristo

Just to the left of this picture was the parking lot.  The hotel clerk gave us a parking permit allowing us free parking for the night.  When we pulled in the night before, the parking lot already had several inches of snow.  Getting our belongings together, Hannah dropped an onion she bought in Las Vegas.  Did the onion stop where she dropped it?  No, it rolled under the car to the absolute middle where it stopped.  Hannah had a GREAT laugh as my expense as I had to crawl on my belly in the snow to get that blasted onion.  I guess I could have moved the car but the snow had already frozen my brain.


free parking, Monte Cristo hotel

Flagstaff park in the snow

We found a great park in the middle of Flagstaff just
a few blocks from our hotel.






Snow in Flagstaff, 8"

Ultimate Frisbee in the snow, Flagstaff Arizona

8" of snow and darkness will never stop true Ultimate
Frisbee enthusiasts.  We brought a Flashflight light-up Frisbee
disk and threw it at a few locations in Flagstaff and
our other stops.





ultimate frisbee in snowy flagstaff arizona

Snow angel in Flagstaff Arizona

Snow angel with a gimpy wing.  Hannah was recovering
from a collar bone break (Ultimate Frisbee injury) and
you can see the left wing is a little bit wonky. 
Beautiful nonetheless.





snow angel with a gimpy wing

Michael J. Fox room.  Monte Cristo Hotel

Did Michael J. Fox stay in this room? 

Hey, Michael, if you read this, let me know (I think I found your wallet).

We stayed in the Michael J. Fox room.  However, as hard as I tried, I could not find one episode of Family Ties or one repeat of Back To The Future.



Michael J. Fox room, Monte Cristo Hotel, Flagstaff Arizona

Monte Cristo lobby.

This is the lobby of the Monte Cristo.  We enjoyed this
hotel.  It was quaint and old.  Possibly a bit overpriced,
we didn't mind paying since there was a blizzard outside. 
The bathroom was small but the shower was steamy.  The closet had some quirky nooks and crannies which made me wonder if there might be secret passages.  Also, the windows to the street below opened without trouble (a nice touch) so we could watch the snow fall on the cheerful bar patrons during the early morning hours.


Monte Cristo lobby

Rendezvous, Monte Cristo Hotel, Flagstaff, Arizona

Rendezvous.  This is a liquor-coffee bar located within
the Monte Cristo.  The patrons were friendly and the bartender was chatty.  He told us about his experiments
with liquor and coffee and offered us a sample of a
coffee-liquor made with extract from prickly pair cactus.




rendezvous coffee bar

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