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Grand Canyon: hotels, motels, and lodging.

 We waited a bit late in making our minds up (actually, it was my fault) about where we wanted to stay at the Grand Canyon.  On the 29th of December, Hannah checked availability at the Lodge.  There were 6 or more rooms available both nights we desired.  Two days later, when we checked again, there was only one room available for only one night.  So, we booked that room and also booked a Holiday Inn Express just outside the park.  Here are our reviews of the two hotels.

Holiday Inn Express. Grand Canyon, Arizona























Top notch excellent.  This was my favorite hotel over the entire trip. 

I made reservations online and, to be honest, I half expected a screw up when I arrived at the hotel.  Much to my surprise, my room was booked and the desk clerk had my reservation printed out and waiting for me.

1)  Desk Clerk:  Very courteous and professional.  He sees lots of hikers come through and my sweaty disheveled appearance did not put him off at all.  He took his time to explain all the amenities of the hotel (pool, free breakfast, room internet, parking, time the side doors to the parking lot are locked, etc).  Also, within 3 minutes of Hannah and I arriving in our room, the desk clerk called to verify everything was okay with the room.

2)  Room Temperature:  The outside temperature was bitterly cold when we entered the hotel.  In fact, that night the outside temp dropped to negative 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our bodies were cold and tired when we walked into the room and it was at a very comfortably warm temperature.

3)  Shower:  If you have been hiking all-day, you know the importance of a hot soaking shower.  The shower was a standard bathtub shower.  A larger size would have been nice but all-in-all it was roomy enough.  The shower head was one of those large pan-style shower heads.  Because of its large size, I expected the water pressure to be reduced.  Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets knocked out of the tub by the powerful black market showerhead?  The water pressure was super and the hot water never ran out.  I could have stayed in there for hours. 

Oh, on the toilet, there was a note stating that water for the toilet was from a reclaimed water source to help combat the scarcity of water in the desert.  It also indicated you should not drink this water.  Ummm, I didn't plan to drink this water and my dog can't read.  :-)

4)  Beds and Pillows:  I snuggle up when I sleep.  I like lots of covers and lots of pillows.  The Holiday Inn beds had lots of both.  There were 4 pillows per bed.  Two were thick pillows and two were not so thick.  Awesome!  There were also blankets aplenty on the beds.  I didn't count how many but if I had slept outside in the -3 temperatures, I'm sure there would have been enough to keep me warm.

5)  Free Breakfast:  This hotel definitely knows that hikers have big appetites.  There was all the standard fare of a traditional Hotel breakfast and it never ran out.  My fav. was probably the biscuits and gravy.  It wasn't quite up to Cracker Barrel standards but I ate until I thought I might have to roll down the South Kaibab trail.

I highly recommend the Grand Canyon Holiday Inn Express.


Maswik Lodge.
Grand Canyon, Arizona









Maswik Lodge is located within the Grand Canyon National Park

The lodge is a somewhat sprawling complex.  I wish I was able give you a better run-down on the features of the lodge but we were so busy hiking that I didn't get to explore much.

The rooms make for a great place to lay you head while resting between hikes.  It's nice to be inside the park and have easy access to trails without having to jump in the car.

Light pollution is kept fairly low which results in a great view of the stars at night. If you want an even better view of the stars, check out my description on the Sunset page.

If you are visiting during the winter use caution after showers.  Immediately after my shower at 7AM the next morning, I ran out to the car to put some luggage in the trunk.  By the time I made it back to the room, my hair was frozen solid...kinda neat actually.

Overall, a comfortable room with very easy access to all the Parks facilities and attractions.

BOOK EARLY...rooms fill quickly.

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