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Las Vegas

 Since we traveled from Tennessee, we decided to book our flight to Las Vegas.  It was the most practical flight and the least expensive.  We booked a room for one night at the Monte Carlo and headed out first thing in the morning toward Flagstaff.

Las Vegas Airport and Slot Machines:

One of the first sights you will see upon entering the Las Vegas airport are the Slot Machines.  Las Vegas is ready and willing to take your money every moment you are in town.  One gas station we stopped in had even taken out all the toilets and replaced them with slot machines.

Another sight you will see at the airport is the collection of native animals.  The jack rabbit is awesome.  I took a picture of him but he came out fuzzy.

I love the way one of this lizard's feet looks like it is buried in the sand.

That's me on top, riding the lizard.

las vegas airport lizard

Wild life in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Hannah hates snakes.  After checking to make
sure this one wasn't actually alive she liked it a bit more.



las vegas airport snake

New York, New York in Las Vegas: 

This hotel is shaped like many of the buildings of New York City joined together.  It is huge.  Oh, also, there is a roller coaster around the perimeter of the building.




las vegas new york, new york

The Monte Carlo in Las Vegas:


We stayed at the Monte Carlo.  There was construction going on so we got a special room rate.  Our room overlooked the Excalibur and the mountains outside Las Vegas beyond Nellis Air Force base.

las vegas monte carlo

Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of a desert:


Hannah is originally from upstate New York so she needed a picture on the Brooklyn Bridge replica by New York, New York.  We walked down the strip at about 3:00 AM searching for food.  Food is difficult to come by at that time of morning.  We did find a fish taco in an upstairs fast food joint.  The food was decent for an all-night fish taco stand and the patrons were a mix of homeless men and inebriated tourists....I liked it.

las vegas brooklyn bridge

Leaving Las Vegas:

Sorry, I wish I had more to say about Las Vegas, NV but we proved it is possible to escape Las Vegas without dropping a single cent into a Slot Machine.

I-93 was fun to drive.  In my part of the country there are not many long stretches of road that are absolutely straight. 
On I-93, once we drove past the Hoover Dam, the road stretched on and on for miles and miles.

las vegas to grand canyon i-93

NEXT:  Driving to Flagstaff, Meteor Crater and The Grand Canyon




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