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How many times can you say "WOW!!!"?

Cliffs and Rock Outcroppings

Some of the cliffs and outcroppings are simply
amazing.  I am not sure the name of this structure
but every time I look at it, I have a desire to attempt
a jump from the main land mass to the tower.




grand canyon cliffs and rock structures

The Grand Canyon is better than any photograph.

I like this photograph.  We were both so happy to
be at G.C. and it was more spectacular than either
of us had expected.

If you have come to this site because you are thinking
about a trip to the Grand Canyon, stop thinking and
just GO! 

You will not regret it.


grand canyon viewing platform

Picture from the Grand Canyon South Rim overlook.

This picture was taken at one of the public overlooks. 
Where I stood, there were many people milling around. 
To the right of the photograph, there was a line of people patiently awaiting their turn for a pic. 

The politeness of the crowd impressed me as
each one awaited a turn and quickly moved
on for the next person to get in place.


picture from the grand canyon south rim overlook

Viewing the Grand Canyon

One aspect that I love about the Grand Canyon is that there are very few barriers to protect you from being a doofus and falling off a cliff.  You are expected to act responsibly and not clown around.  For the most part when faced with the danger of a fall and no pseudo-protective barricades, people respect the danger on their own accord.  Is it possible that most people are more responsible than we give them credit for?

Hannah is totally nonchalant about walking out on this overlook.  There is probably a 1000' drop below.

viewing the grand canyon

Careful not to fall.

I, on the other hand, was a bit wigged out by the
height and scooted out on my butt.






rock overlooking the grand canyon

Viewing the Grand Canyon with Binoculars

One thing I must say about the Grand Canyon, you
might see a million pictures but until you visit it
for yourself, you will never know its true grandeur.





viewing the grand canyon with binoculars

Grand Canyon - Tonto Plateau

This is a view of the Tonto Plateau taken from somewhere
near the top of the South Kaibab trail.






grand canyon tonto plateau

Hannah and Keith at the Grand Canyon.







hannah and keith at the grand canyon

Resting during a hike on the South Kaibab trail.

Sitting on a rock.  At this altitude, we were almost below the snow line and the temperature was finally such that we could enjoy the warm sunshine.





resting during a hike on the south kaibab trail

Sunshine into the Grand Canyon south rim in winter.

The sun was very bright and I look way too cool
with my shades on so I took them off for a more
natural (squinty) appearance.





south rim grand canyon

Watchtower on Desert View, Grand Canyon Az.

This picture was taken at the Watchtower on Desert View Drive.  This area is visited less than the main loop and it gives some very different views of the canyon.  To the right of the photograph, you can see some distinct strata demarcation lines in the canyon walls.

The tower was closed for the day by the time we
reached it but it looks to be well worth a visit. 
It was built in 1932 and is 70 ft. tall.


watchtower desert view grand canyon

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